Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Oxygen 8 Communications and 88101 Number

On 24/05/11 at 17:03 I received a text message from a number - 88101.
The text read:
FreeMsg>Ur Topquiz membership is live, U can win £300 CASH, question coming soon.  Play costs just £1.50/month.  To cancel text STOP to 88101  Help? 08432894723
Now there are a number of issues with this:
1- I did not and have never subscribed for Topquiz membership.
2 - There was a risk I could be charged £1.50 to my mobile account.
3 - I had to pay to text 88101 to unsubscribe from something to which I had never signed up.
4 - My mobile network Orange, said there was nothing they could do and basically it was my issue.
5 - The Telephone Preference Service and Ofcom are powerless to get involved in the sending and receiving of unsolicited texts.
Upon further investigation I have found that the company who own the SMS short code 88101 is a company called Oxygen 8 Communications based in Birmingham.  When I spoke with them on the number given by Orange which was 0844 4480 700, the advisor informed me he would pass the details on to the company who sent the text using their short code and they would contact me.  Nothing has been received.  Below is a picture of what the message looked like.


  1. Oxygen 8 can be contacted via:

    Also on 0844 4480 700 which is the number given to me by Orange.

  2. I too have been receiving unsolicited texts from 88101. I spoke to my service provider (orange) who told me they would refund the £1.50 I was charged for receiving a text as a 'one off'. They too gave me the Customer Services Number for Oxygen8 which is charged out at 13p per minute on the landline. God knows how much on a mobile!
    I also have an email address to contact them

    Orange informed me that they can't bar the number from texting me. On calls can be barred. I have emailed the Oxygen8 asking them to remove me from their database (as yet, no reply).

    Despite James comment about Ofcom being powerless to get involved in the sending and receiving of unsolicited texts, I shall contact them myself to see how this can be resolved.

  3. I am also concerned that it seems to be Orange again. Do Orange receive money for releasing numbers of customers?

  4. I have had the same problem.
    Last month i was charged 1.50 for a text that was sent to me. i phoned Orange and complained they told me to do nothing and everything will stop. they refunded me 1.50. this month the same happened so i again phoned Orange. they now told me to text STOP ALL to 88101 and will cost me 10p. they refunded me 150 off next bill. If i get another message next month i will cancel my contract with Orange and change my number and start a case on this matter . these companies need to be shot… this i know is ilegal but what they are doing is also ilegal……

  5. I have just finished a call to Vodafone, asking them why have I been charged for text messages from the same company as above, only the number is 60133 and a charge of £3:75 for a text. I phoned the number as above and was put through to another company, who never answered the phone; have been overcharged for that call as well? I am now seething with anger, that I can be charged for something uninvited and Vodafone wont do anything about it.

  6. So Ive jus come off the fone with vodafone askin why my bill is so high, and low n behold its thanks to oxygen 8 £4.50 a txt they send me when I haven't knowingly subscribed and continue to recieve after txtin stop all to various numbers. So if we can make others aware and stop it happening again I'll do what I can to help.

  7. I have been charged £5 last month and not sure what is for, only ref i was given on my bill from Orange (surprise surprise). Phone them up and all they could say was that i have texted 83838 to MBNA for credit card balance and therefore i have subscribed to something which is total bag of bull's crap. They gave me email address where i could email, but dont think that anyone is going to reply. there is also tel number where you can call try to sort that shit out. Its so annoying.

  8. My young son's phone has been spammed with filth from this company (see hot babes naked, or something along those lines) completely unsolicited, of course. This has been going on since July but he didn't think to mention it or send stop to the required number, but just deleted the message.

    These parasites should be stopped by the phone companies themselves, as they are the ones receiving the angry calls.

    Perhaps someone with a little more aptitude with facebook than myself could set up a page alerting the masses to this ridiculous con.

  9. I have received a message from oxygen8 charging me £10 one of 4 MESSAGES from this company, when I contacted orange they had informed me that someone has purchased a DVD from this number.... I didn't even know this was possible!!! Orange wont even f
    do any thing about it I've been charged over £30 and they wont even send me a bill out saying I'll have to look online!! My bill now totals £210 due to their neglect on this matter!!!

  10. I have just discovered A$40 in charges from this company, which I have never even heard of! My old mobile stopped working a few months ago, but my last 2 bills have these $40 charges! I have no idea who they are!!! I tried calling them, but they said that there is no consultant to speak to me! Am furious!

  11. I also have been robbed by oxygen8 by £4.60 with a 88833 number totally pissed off

  12. I also have been robbed by oxygen8 by £4.60 with a 88833 number totally pissed off

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  15. oh wow so many strong comments. I only know oxygen 8 to provide a premium text line service, so for example,
    "To Vote for Paul to win text VOTE PAUL to 644*8" and then what happens is,
    the person who sends the text to vote WILL get charged e.g £1.50!
    & the mobile phone provider will receive a percentage of the £1.50, but the company who set that text service up will receive MAJORITY of the £1.50!
    (also the customer gets charged the set £1.50 fee, and depending on which network the customer texts from depends on how much the person who set up the text service will receive, as each mobile provider have different payout rates e.g orange 37p, t-mobile 37p, virgin 60p, Vodafone 53p etc) & oxygen 8 does not get paid from any of this money, they get paid from, the monthly cost they charge the person to open the text service.
    hope that helps, as someone asked do the phone companies get paid from it, YES THEY DO.

  16. For more information on the service you have used please contact our customer care team at Further information on phone paid services can be found at